Friday, August 10, 2012

Hall of Fame of Raghuvanshies of Dobhi & Katehar.

Dear Raghuvanshies of Dobhi and Katehar,
Last to last june on the 28th I set the ball moving in my house at Kamachha Varanasi for  the American concept of Hall of Fame for generally in the sports field,recalling famous Raghuvanshies after our decline in Ayodhya in 1194 AD and migration to Varanasi and sorting out in Jaunpur and Varanasi in it's two parganas,abovenamed.
On the last occasion,the topic was of mostly installing a new President,dethroning me because of ire of Lal Bahadur Singh and of Avnender when at Lalitpur,which was yet more vivid during his short visit on the 28th to the meeting in my house,by his body-language.He did not eat his lunch either and left abruptly,murmurring some incoherent sentences.However the tablet of the Hall of Fame was ready and a photograph available of the same in the meeting,released to press and all.
The automatic choice of the contenders to the list of the Hall of Fame was as follows.
Maharaj Nain Deo,Deo Kunwar of Deoryee,Baba Pukar Rai of Niyar,Ganesh Rai,Rai Khemraj Singh,Rai Chan Singhjudeo of Kaithi and Bayalasee,Madan Chand,Sees Chand,Dyuman Deo of Kaithi,Chandravati and Laxamangarh,Jag Lal Singh alias Hazari Singh of Hyderabad fame,Deep Narain Singh alias Bachcha Singh of Varanasi Gazeteer, JayPal Singh alias Puroshottam Singh the !857 warrior,MahaYogi Bharat Singh of Kaithi, Ram Rup Singh,Rai Saheb(Answer to the prayers of Sees Chand to equal his famous cousin,in power and pelf,in the entire twentieth century),Rishabh Deo Singh,the nobility who rebelled in the August revolution of 1942,and was duly jailed by the Brits,Acharya Birbal Singh of Koyeeliari,dobhi,Shiv Shankar Singh of Rampur,(Member of Imperial Council in Lucknow),Batuk Singh the then PM's favourite civil servant,Dr. R.U. Singh of LKO. who wrote the Nepalese constitution(of Bodsar,Dobhi)Prof. Rudra Dutt Singh of Cornell University,and his nominee to the World Bank Sri Nath Singh of Marikpur,father of famous media-person Pradeep Raghuvanshi.
the list shall remain incomplete without full info of  Aiarrey(aayer)Jagdishpur's names for this list.
Sincerely Suresh Pratap Singh
short duration President of Raghuvansh:Sansathanam,who would have inheritted this Hall to themselves,otherwise in case I had continued to finish my three years term without rancour and in-fighting.
Now they should watch their steps for scathing comments from me in this and other blogs.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Varanasi,dateline:Janmashtami Day 2012.
Re :Raghuvansha Sansathanam:Niyar deeh and the sordid affair of monetary greed on the 27th of july,2012.
Avenender promoted himself as President,without m term of three years being over,Jagdish remained Vice,while the Dobhee was well represented as Vinod Hardasipur got promoted as the vice of President,while Lal Bahadur lost control in everyway of money and his lifeline too.Admitted in ICU of a city Hospital,Ram Lochan pushed out of Treasurer's job and bodily,too.There were fisty-cuffs in Niyar,luckily away from Pukar Rai's famous Chabutara,in Shivaji's house,as I was being told minute to minute happenings on the mobile phone by Boys from Kaithi,who were witnessing my dethroning due greed for two lakhs of indian rupees.I had over-ruled this meeting in the meeting in Niyar n th 22nd of july,but no one cared.
Is this Institution worth joining?
Sincerely Suresh Pratap Singh,Kaithi.