Saturday, January 31, 2009

An alternative site for Hall Of Fame of Raghuvanshies of Katehar

For erecting the proposed Hall of Fame of/for the Raghuvanshies of Katehar to celebrate their independent hold on the entire land in the paragana of Katehar in Varanasi distt. for six hundred years begning 1194 AD when the last king of Ayodhya was shifted to the jungles of Katehar on of the two parganas ,given to the king of Ayodhya by Raja Banar of Varanasi,a nephew of Jaychand.The property was bequithed to late Rishabh deo singh of the first house of Katehar in around 1929 by Sailani Baba as he was issueless and was living in a house of Bharat Singh'grandmother or his two grand-aunts to be exact,in fact his two great-grand aunts,who too were both issueless and it was the worldlywise act of an able great-grandson to look-after the two old ladies of the first house and gain their share of the property,added to the great Mahayogy's share.So it so transpired that the younger son of the first house was adopted by Sailani Baba and thus the property has been inherited by me and my two brothers.
So coming to the legend for which the said plot of land(S.N.615-98decimels),lying beautifully next to the ex-Zamindar's Bag Malikan and a bane for last forty year with all and sundry,recently thana Chaubeypur's S.i. Maryad Ram Bind,advising me on a thana Day to just give it awayto land-grabbing neighbors for whom I constucted a massive wall in 1999,a small portion of which Kishore Yadav,his sons and brothers Gauri and Doodhnath Yadav surreptitously demolished in May last and are booked in the Varanasi Civil about the Commanding General of Sher Shah Suri ,the Afghan King Emperor at New Delhi heading to Bengal for the last successful expedition of Sher Shah around 1545 AD.He summoned the Raghuvanshy Prince Doman Deo from Chandravati at the temple of Markandey Mahadeo,at his Camp in the abovetalked about the Zinwa.Long after SherShah had left the Cour of Doman Deo ,Doman Deo had become friendly with Sikander Lodi when Lodi King came to ravage Varanasi and on Doman Deo's cunning and gentle persuations stopped destroying the Hindu temple in Varanasi,which he had already done in plenty.Afterwards, the two became friends and apart from the "Paras" touchstone given to him by a Maharashtrian Brahmin on the banks of Ganges in Chandravati which came in Doman Deo's hands as he was wasing his water-utensil,which turned in gold.So the Brahmin from the south said he has found what he came looking for from the south.On hearing the Brahmin's exclaimation,Doman Deo gave the touchstone to the Brahmin.After a while the Brahmin said to Doman Deo that he,indeed, was the true recepient of the magic stone.Since then on wards Doman Deo's fortune knew no bounds and all the Raghuvanshies became aghast.Doman deo became like a King and even Sher Shah made him Raghuvansha-Shiromani in a function after his return from Bengal.The Sanad presnted to Doman Deo is in the library of Ann Arbour and has been seen by late Prof. Rudra dutt Singh.
According to the Raghuvanshies of Dobhi claim that Doman Deo's horse could walk on water,specially if it was the Ganges.Ask Dr.R.P.Singh of deorayee living in Kamachha,varanasi about wha the Raghuvanshies of Dobhi say about Doman Deo's horse.
So Doman Deo appeared as summoned,dispatching his house-hold of the mud fort of Chandravati to across the river to a place to be called Laxamangarh,after he settled there.He came to Kaithi's Zinwa and faced the General who at once demanded ahuge cache of arms food stuff and men and material for the King's Bengal expedition.Surely he did not know about Doman Deo's old associations with his king. Doman Deo must have said go and ride the tallest tree in the temples surroundings,and before the General realized what has struck him,wisely enough Doman Deo scooted,post haste,on the double trot and headed for the temples Kuti Ghat and Lo'and behold! what happened there,just what the Raghuvanshies of Dobhi say-Doman Deo's horse was walking on the waters of the holy Ganga,brought to earth by his ancestors Dalip and Bhagirath,the earlest civil engineers of the continent.Some soldiers of Sher Shah followed Doman Deo but after seeing his horse walk on water ran back to the General to report what they saw.General must have slapped them and asked one Sargent to take a contingent of workmen and break the idol of Mahadeo,the prime Aadi-Linga,of Kaithi.The men started with chisels and hammers and chipped a small portion on the east side as one enters the sanctum-sanctoram,(which can be seen even today)and soon enough a large drove of behives came out of nowhere and attacked the destroyers of the idol in a fury.The armed sepoys were helpless against the storming bees and every one began to flee to the General's camp and were on the verge of dying an unheroic death.One Sayeed Mian was the head of the troopers gone for idol's demolition,he colud reach a little further,about 100yards and collapsed,there,where the General got a grave dug out for the sargent and even today people pay obesience at that grave for kepping our fields free from thieves at the night.And the plot(now mine) had visitations from the zin-the ghosts of those soldiers who were killed that day by the sworm of the heavenly bees come to save the holy idol of Lord Shiva at Kaithi.
So that was the historicity of the alternative site for the Hall of Fame of Doman Deo ' own ancestors and the Raghuvanshies who came after him and excelled in survival on frugal means of Bajara barley and arhar and plenty of oil seeds,hardly any wheat,as independent Owners of the land,brooking no sovereign for six hundred years,may it be Sher Shah,Sikander Lodi or Ghiasuddin Tughlaq
In your opinion do they deserve to be rememberred as a unique entity in the world-history to have no sovereign and cultivate the land for six hundred years?
If I could I would Build a structure as big as in Athens,or on a smaller scale like the memorial to James Princep,but the sides of the pillars have to be straight for the descendants of all the 12 brothers to write plaques for their ancestors separately.Of course it could be next to Sees Chand Mansion or in the Zinwa,for wcich we all would require a consentfrom my two brothers,Brajesh and Dinesh.Signing-off for now.Sureshpratapsingh