Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rai chan singh-Rishabh deo singh memorial lectures

4.04.2011 Vinayaka,Varanasi Dear Friends, Elated by the success of Holi-Milan gatherings for last three years in Niyar-deeh of Baba Pukar Rai,I was instrumental to galvanize a gathering at the victory spot of his grand-father Deo Kunwar of Deorayee,in order to crystalize the dream of his descendant Sri Raghvendra Pratap Singh,towards erecting a equestrian statue of his direct linear ancestor,on every Ram Navami Day in Deorayee,situate 5kms from Modhailla turning after Danganj Bazar,I am offering the Raghuvanshies of all hue(including descendants of Lav,from Lahore,and spread in west UP,as sons of Raja Pratap Singh,a nephew of Prithviraj Chauhan)taking care of both the wings of the warring Kings,which saw the end of the Hindu kingdom on this sub continent,to com to my house in Varanasi(easier than going to Kaithi),at R.M.House,in Vinayaka,Kamachha.Phone:0542-2361159.Mob.:919935398306,and gather together,to here my story of migration from Ayodhya to Deorayee,to Niyar to Dharauhara to Kaithi to Vinayaka-Varanasi,to Mumbai. I will try to send as many emails as possible plus letters copied from this blog,but pl. do inculcate a habit to read my blogs regularly auf weiterzehn. Sincerely yours Raghuvanshy brother Suresh Pratap Singh Tenant and Cultivator of Kaithi & a Chartered Engineer of London