Thursday, August 9, 2012

Varanasi,dateline:Janmashtami Day 2012.
Re :Raghuvansha Sansathanam:Niyar deeh and the sordid affair of monetary greed on the 27th of july,2012.
Avenender promoted himself as President,without m term of three years being over,Jagdish remained Vice,while the Dobhee was well represented as Vinod Hardasipur got promoted as the vice of President,while Lal Bahadur lost control in everyway of money and his lifeline too.Admitted in ICU of a city Hospital,Ram Lochan pushed out of Treasurer's job and bodily,too.There were fisty-cuffs in Niyar,luckily away from Pukar Rai's famous Chabutara,in Shivaji's house,as I was being told minute to minute happenings on the mobile phone by Boys from Kaithi,who were witnessing my dethroning due greed for two lakhs of indian rupees.I had over-ruled this meeting in the meeting in Niyar n th 22nd of july,but no one cared.
Is this Institution worth joining?
Sincerely Suresh Pratap Singh,Kaithi.

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  1. Sir,
    Cannot comment on the infighting as never has the privilege of being there but your work on our history is awesome. Will love to have a audience with you, if its alright with you. have a lot of query's about the subject.