Friday, February 19, 2010

Baba Pukar Rai-Rai Chan Singh memorial guest house.

Navi Mumbai-410210
A matter for blog and dispensation at Niyar-deeh on 7.03.2010.
“Baba Pukar Rai,Rai Khemraj Singh - Rai Chan Singh – Memorial - Guest House for the disabled and the meek,on Rai Chan Singh premises adjacent to Hall of Fame at Kaithi”
Eversince addressing the then Tourism Minister(GoI) about opening the doors of the House of the 1857-martyr Jaipal Singh of Kaithi,Katehar,for the tourist and the inquisitive,I have weighed the pros and cons for a solution for a resting place for the visitors to the martyr’s home,as well as to the projected Hall of Fame for the Raghuvanshies after their migration from Ayodhya,around 1194 AD.It has been also painful and ludicrous to see my own elder brother leaving my house,after midnight for the comforts and amenities provided by Sri Vijay Bahadur Singh and Asha at 1 C Beli Road in far away Allahabad.There is a definite need for suitable accommodation for the likes of our long lost pattidars like Dr.Karan Singh of Kashmir(likely a descendant of None Rao).
2.So,I think I can provide a big enough plot of land to build a multi-storey Guest House(which I have offered to Sri Avinash Awasthi,recently on NH29,as well,but on the Highway) for our own people rich and famous as well as the meek and poor like the two widows in the household of late Rajaram harijan-rickshawwallah,going without meals and medicines,so much so that a relative had to be called to take away his sister.This could be a unique combination of a private guest house,made more useful by doubling-up as a shelter Home for the the sick and the ailing,the destitutes and the poor,of the village and nearby surrounding areas,like,Bhandahan,Rajwari,Dharauhara,Tanda,Kusanhi ,Patna and Kharauna etc.,so that they do not starve like Rajaram’s widow and daughter-in-law.
3.Would it be pugnacious on my part,to talk about funds at this stage?It is harsh reality as I failed to proceed on my mission of world conquest,even after signing-on 6.12.2008,owing to severe inflation and general recession in the global meltdown,sinking cargo traffic drastically.Ship capacity went largely unutilized as freight rates fell.My last hurrah too fell flat on the face and I could not revive it for next one year,so severe was the tempest.300 ships were broken down and so was I.However,I have not given up yet.I will go the Mahamana way and ask for big and small donors to come forward,as well as the State and the Central Govts. to make use of my zeal and make the Guest House idea work in earnest and in real.In fact the Panchayati Raj Act can be strengthened by suitably amendind the same to ask Gram-Pradhans to initiate and institute such schemes,in large hamlets,around the State and also countrywise,so that people in their charge do not starve of food and medicines.Let them provide,like the welfare States do an Elephant’s graveyard for the old and the lonely like in Sweden,for them to be looked after till they breathe their last.
4.Let us the Raghuvanshies give the governments a start by helping me build the abovementione guest house to honour Baba Pukar Rai and Rai Chan Singh on the very spot where he was left by his father Rai Khemraj Singh,in 1465 AD and is lived in for last 22 generations till date,to find a piece for prosperity of the entire village and surrounding area to house not only our rich siblings and relatives,but along side the destitutes ,the poor and the meek,for they shall inherit the earth.
Suresh Pratap Singh

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