Saturday, January 16, 2010

Need of a Check Dam befor confluence of Gomti at Kaithi.


Bahen Mayawati,
Hon’ble Chief Minster of Uttar Pradesh
5,Kalidas Marg,Lucknow-226001

Respected Bahenji,

Reg.: “ Baba Saheb,Bhole-Baba Check-Dam at Gomti in Kaithi “

Vis-à-vis the proposed expansion of 217Kms NH29 in four lanes
Expressway ,as reported by the media, with Japnese Help.

And my request to DG UPSTDC to include Kaithi(Markandey),on
tourist destination for those traveling on this fast road,by upgrading
the existing Link-road from Km.27(from Varanasi) through Kaithi
village and Bazar on to the temple of Markandey Mahadeo and the
rivers Gomti and Ganga confluence,through the motorable-top of
Check-Dam on to the existing old Settlement(1882-84) road to vill
Patna of Ghazipur to the end of the old and now defunct SH29,
Opposite vill.Gopalpur of Ghazipur,which will also serve as the
Starting point of the detour traffic from the northern-end.

I have not spoken to the DG UPSTDC about the possibility of the Check-Dam,but it was liked by Sri D.S.Bagga,the then Chief Secretary.And since then I am regularly pleading with Sri Dina nath Pandey,who would be taking up with concerned Secrtary,some day.
The utility of the check-dam will be in storing Gomti water for summers and help produce a Zayad crop in the riverine belt of 1000acres in the area,producing pulses and oil seeds in abundance,along with,barley,gram and wheat at an average of 17mds to a bigha,which is not being done since 7th Sept. 1980,after the change of course of river Gomti,then ,disintegrating our prime agricultural holding towards Ghazipur in one go.
Riverine belts generally depend upon getting flooded during monsoon and utilizing the fresh soil and moisture post innundation for producing a good Rabi crop bringing about prosperity to the farmers of one crop a year,since time immemorial.The Baba Saheb – Bhole Baba Check dam on the Gomti just before it’s confluence could change the scenario for ever and year round cultivation would result giving abundance of pulses and then thanks to your foresight,we will be without a care of black marketing and hoarding of the Arhar dal,besides selling the surplus for other fellow citizens use.Just give us the Check –Dam and the entire area will prosper and all will be grateful to you,forever.And surely MLA Deenanath Pandey,alias Hosa Maharaj will be elected again and again ,whether or not he forwards my applications in the matter to you.
2.This is the right moment to crystallize and capitalize on my suggestions to your Government,decades ago, and a huge populace of the entire neighborhood of few hundred villages are bound to memorize the Jayaka Budhhist Highway Foundation’s name,along with that of Baba Saheb and Bahen Mayawati’s name,all their lives.Politically,you will become a force to reckon with for many more elections of the future,in Ghazipur and Varanasi.The name is very apt immortalizing Baba Saheb in the category of Bhole Baba – the Markandey Mahadeo of vill. Kaithi.
For this to happen the Govt. and your own Secretariat has to co-ordinate with Director General UP State Tourism Corporation,Sri Awanish Kumar Awasthi,who knows the place and location well,having been in charge of the district a decade ago.
You have another ex-DM of Varanasi as Principal Secretary,who was responsible for issue of a GO on my request to declare the Blue bull as a species of the deer family,having nothing to do with the holy cows of the Hindus and that they could be shot and killed without being apprehended by the local police.But neither my pleadings to Sri Rajnath Singh nor his letter to you from Krishi Bhavan,or the efforts of Kunwar Fateh Bahdur could stop the menace of the Blue bull.And we are suffering equally from the slings and arrows of the Record Operation unit in Ballia and the galloping destruction of the blue bull for last thirty years,so much so that people like me had to come out of retirement after twenty years to go to work in the town to make both ends meet.So I shall be always driven to strive for resurrection from the two above mentioned disasters.I hope I do not have to go to sea,yet,again and your Secretaries will give me an opportunity to elaborate on my suggestions to you and to DG UPSTDC,for the above to really happen,for which we all shall be,forever, grateful to you and your Government.

Yours Obediently

Suresh Pratap Singh
Tennant and Cultivator of vill. Kaithi
Chartered Engineer(London)
Marine Chief Engineer
At: N16/132 B Vinayaka,Kamachha,

A brother-in-law of Sri Vijay Bahadur Singh,Advocate H.C.
And a B.S.P. Member Parliament from Mahoba.

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